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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Min Jiet: The Best Coffee

It is known that Ipoh is famous for its white coffee. In fact, the place where white coffee first originated, Sun Yee Loong, is still in operation.

A lesser known place with the best coffee my friends and I vouch for is Restoran Min Jiet. Located directly opposite the Anglo-Chinese School at Lahat Road leading to Menglembu, this nondescript shop bears only a small yellow signboard and would usually go unnoticed by most passing motorists. Most of its customers are the ACS students and workers from the industrial areas in Menglembu.

The shop is rather small and has about 10 tables that can accomodate at least five people - more if you have a small-sized group! The place gets really packed during lunch. It may seem a little rundown, dark and hot; but it serves good food and coffee. :)

Besides coffee, a couple serves hor hee (clear soup flat noodles) and kon lou noodles (dry black sauce noodles) in the morning. To cater for the working crowd, there's economy rice and also one-dish rice like sweet and sour pork rice, Thai-style chicken rice (our all-time favourite! *will post a picture soon).

The 40-something Min Jiet Aunty (as we fondly call her) runs the drinks stall, takes rice orders and sells economy rice single-handedly! And there is only one cook. Talk about efficiency.

The menu and prices are pasted on the walls; and they are reasonable despite the recent hike.

BACK TO THE COFFEE. The coffee is gao (thick) but not overdone, and the milk in right proportion. It's fragrant as well and done with just the right amount of froth, for me. (I'm not a coffee expert, except in the tasting department XD) MJ Aunty mixes the coffee with a whisk at full speed, and rest be assured, coffee arrives on the dot.

RM 1.40 for satisfying an addiction. Very worth it!

Opening hours:
Breakfast till about 4:00 pm daily except Sundays.


  1. Ahhh, good for topping up my cafeine level....LOL!

  2. LOL. Yes! and not expensive either :D


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